The Woodlands Nature Reserve is home to many native species of animals, birds and insects. Animal watchers can enjoy a variety of local residents like squirrels, birds, and deer. The Woodlands Nature Reserve has a helpful trail guide to navigate your way around the property.


Local and migratory birds bring unique bird calls at different times of the year. You may hear woodpeckers knocking away at a nearby tree. At night, the cricket frogs in the lakes may call out with sounds similar to clicking marbles. 

Please DO NOT touch or feed the wildlife while you enjoy and observe any local creatures. We recommend keeping your tent closed and food secured to help avoid any unwanted visitors. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please contact us.

While we are fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife and native plants this variety includes poison ivy, snakes, ticks, and alligators. In the unlikely event you see a snake or alligator near your accommodations, please notify Guest Services at (843) 400-3003 ext. 2.