Check-in / Check-out

Check in is at 3:00pm, check out is 11:00am


Maximum Occupancy

Our accommodations range in style and size with a maximum occupancy of 3 to 4 people accordingly.


Outside Guests

Access to The Woodlands Nature Reserve is for registered guests. 


Quiet Time

Our quiet time begins at 11pm. Out of respect for all of our guests, we have a No Tolerance policy. This will be strictly enforced.



No amplified sound after 11pm.


Pet Policy

For the safety of pets and wildlife, we ask that all pets at The Woodlands Nature Reserve be on leash at all times.



The Woodlands Nature Reserve is home to many native species of animals, birds and insects. Please do not touch or feed the wildlife while you enjoy and observe any local creatures. We recommend keeping your tent cabin door closed and food secured to help avoid any unwanted visitors. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please contact us. Fishing and hunting are not allowed on the property. 


No Drone Zone

Drones are prohibited at Woodlands Nature Reserve in the airspace over the property to prevent any stress on sensitive wildlife and migratory birds, because of frequent and unsafe wind speeds, seasonal high fire danger and to prevent any impact on another guest’s experience or privacy.


Non-Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the accommodations at The Woodlands Nature Reserve property.


Fire Safety

Due to the high wildfire risk, we ask you to closely observe and carefully tend to any campfires or BBQ’s that you use. NEVER LEAVE A CAMPFIRE OR OPEN FLAME UNATTENDED. Fire regulations dictate that there be no candles or open flame of any kind in any accommodation.


At Your Site

For everyone’s safety, please take down any hammocks when not in use and absolutely before dark.



Alcoholic beverages are allowed at The Woodlands Nature Reserve and must be transported here in closed containers. Please drink responsibly. Drinking and driving is strictly forbidden.



Stay on trails. Everyone is encouraged to wear a helmet.


Kayaking & Paddle boarding

All guests have access to four lakes for kayaking and paddle boarding. No swimming. 


Leave no trace. 

Pack in and pack out all of your own garbage.


Liability Waiver

All adult guests must sign a liability waiver.  This waiver can be accessed HERE